Service Times : Sundays at 8:00am, 9:30am, and 11:15am

"What right do you have to hear the gospel over and over when so many have never heard it the first time ?" Dr. Oswald J. Smith

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David and Philomina Morris:

Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting, Education, Medical and Disaster Relief.Serving in Southern India, the Morris ministry has planted over 1100 churches.

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Why we work to reach people in unreached villages

At Reach A Village, our inspiration comes from the words of Jesus in Mark 1:38, Let us go somewhere else to the nearby villages so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.

Instead of remaining in places where people had already received the Gospel message, Christ intentionally chose to go and preach in unreached villages. Our ministry today is the same as His ministry: for more people to come to faith in Him.

Our ultimate goal for the ministry of Reach A Village is to finish the mission Jesus gave His disciples: to take the Good News to the ends of the earth so that every person in every village has the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. 

During his many years as a missionary to Southeast Asia, Robert Craft noticed that mission work often focuses on people who live in cities, while neglecting the people who live in small, rural villages. He saw a pressing need to go beyond urban areas.

Because of his vision and call from God, Reach A Village now takes the Gospel to poor farming
villages and isolated places where people need to hear about Jesus. Reach A Village is sharing the Gospel in an effective, efficient way to bring more people to Christ.


John and Anne Pruzina:

Serving with E3 Partners in Czech Republic, leading short-term teams for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship and church planting.


The Friends of Agape team is focused on achieving a sustainable 20% Christian population in India (currently under 5%!).  This means partnering with others to reach and disciple 200 million people in the coming 10 years! 

We are a fellowship of churches like First Christian, and individuals, businesses and foundations which share a mission commitment for the least reached peoples of the world. We focus especially in locations in India, Nepal and Bhutan where over 40% of the worlds unreached peoples live.  We love supporting the  efforts of more than 1,000 national church planting coordinators, trainers, Bible translators and educators, and share their desire to see the Great Commission completed in our lifetime.  These ministry partners have been serving for more than 30 years and have won the highest regard of the broader Church where they are located.  

Join us as we:

Establish new Christ followers more deeply in their faith.

Establish disciples who also become disciple-makers.

Establish churches which have redeeming impact in their cities, towns and villages.

Establish Gods Word for access in Scripture-less languages

Establish opportunity for the poor to rise out of poverty and abuse.


Our Partners with NI:

Dave and Mara: ministering in a sensitive area of EurAsia.

Jim Vogel: serving in International Operations as the Chief International Officer. He has been with NI since 1995, primarily serving in Russia, the U.S. and the Baltic. As Chief International Officer, he leads the International Operations Department, directors, and global operations. He and his wife Svetlana are based in Ft. Myers FL.

Blanche Hunefeld: Blanche's passion is to support the front-line workers. Blanche is currently in a counseling ministry to nationals and internationals alike.  Her desire is to support the front-line workers, including preparing new missionaries for the field, supporting them while on the field, and then debriefing them as they come off of the field (whether they are on furlough or leaving the field).


OBJECTIVES: First and foremost is to lead Bikers to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Second and equally difficult is to challenge churches to be more receptive of all people. The first objective, leading bikers to Christ, is accomplished through a tent ministry. CRM travels to secular motorcycle events in the United States where a tent is set up. Meals are served, a daily worship service is held and people are counseled and ministered to. The hours are long and the reception is varied, but CRM remains focused and faithful.

HISTORY: Christian Riders Ministry (CRM) was formed in 1991 by DQ & Beth Roberts at First Christian Church of Bayonet Point, Florida. Being Bikers who had come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, they had an intense burden on their hearts for others in that lifestyle. No other Biker had ever told them that Jesus loved them and valued them highly. That message needed to be carried back. So, they sold everything they owned and began traveling to motorcycle events across the country in a school bus, setting up a ministry service tent and sharing the Gospel.

Jesus Bike Christian Riders Ministry (CRM)


(Residential care for teen mothers): Dedicated to changing the worldtwo lives at a time.  Lifeline offers a positive alternative to abortion, giving both mother and baby hope for the future.

Lifeline Family Center Together We Can! Testimony Video


(Church Camp and Retreat Center): A camp and retreat center dedicated to helping youth and families to develop core values based on Christian principles.


Motivated by the love of Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Ethnos360 exists to assist the ministry of the local church through the mobilizing, equipping, and coordinating of believers to evangelize unreached people groups, translate the Scriptures, and see indigenous churches established that glorify God.

The primary ministry of Ethnos360 is to establish indigenous churches among the unreached people groups of the world. Ethnos360 does that by learning the culture and mother tongue language, translating scriptures and teaching in that language. This is preceded by teaching literacy and accompanied by limited medical work. Limited infrastructure to support the missionaries in remote locations is set up in those countries where such support is insufficient. To this end, Ethnos360 has established training institutes to prepare our missionaries for ministries including Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Waukesha, WI; Missionary Training Institute in Roach, MO and Ethnos360 Aviation in McNeal, AZ. They also have a mobilization program, Wayumi, in Jersey Shore, PA. Ethnos360 provides a retirement center, The Homes of Ethnos360, for retired missionaries in Sanford, FL. Coordination of all these facilities is done from their HQ home office in Sanford, FL

Ethnos 360 Introduction

Founded by local churches to fulfill the Great Commission

It began with prayer, May 24, 1943. As World War II was raging on, churches were in conflict over the historic beliefs of the Christian faith. While some turned away from the authority of Scripture and the divinity of Jesus, many other faithful followers of Christ wanted to continue sharing the truth of the Bible and the good news of Jesus throughout the world.  And they wanted to send out missionaries with the same love and conviction.
It was in this historical context, wrestling with these questions of faith, that approximately 75 Christian leaders met in Chicago, Illinois to pray and seek a way forward.  While on their knees in prayer, they took a history-making stand.  WorldVenture, then known as the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society (CBFMS), was born and incorporated that year to assist churches in training, sending, and supporting missionaries with an unwavering commitment to the authority of the Bible and the proclamation of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
After more than 75 years of ministry, millions of people have been impacted by God and His work through the ministry of WorldVenture and our ministry partners.  Today, WorldVenture supports global workers in more than 65 countries across all six inhabited continents. Together, we are engaging the world for gospel impact with a vision to see multitudes of disciples compelled by the love of God and willing to risk all so that people are transformed by God, impacting their families, communities, and world.


The goal of Pioneer Bible Translators isnt just translation, but transformation.

We bring people to Jesus through Bible translation and church planting, combined with discipleship, incarnational ministry, and the use of translatedScripture.

The word Pioneer reflects our commitment to translating the Bible and planting churches among the worlds least-reached people groups. Our primary focus is on the most challenging language groups those who are marginalized, those who live in hard-to-access places, and those who areDeaf.

Because we specialize in both Bible translation and church planting, Pioneer Bible Translators is uniquely positioned to reach language groups who still have no church and noScripture.



We identify and mobilize high-quality indigenous leadership. By doing this, we are able to work with the local church to plant thousands of churches across entire unreached nations. With over 99% of our church planters completely bi-vocational, we are building a foundation of believers who are truly passionate about reaching their nations.